BURNISHING/SPRAY BUFFING‏: The use of high speed or low speed floor machines to keep floors polished in between periodic top scrub and finishing applications. 

TOP SCRUB AND REFINISH: Machine cleaning dirty floors to remove top layer of floor finish application of 3 coats of floors finish for vinyl tile floors. Our treatment gives your floor a deeper shine rather than stripping and refinishing because you leave a good layer of finish on the floor rather than removing it.                                                                                                                                                  

STRIP AND WAX: Removal of old floor finish down to the bare tile, application of 1 to 2 coats of sealer and up to 3 coats of floor finish. This process is necessary with old dirty and worn floors. Top scrub and refinishing can later replace this process for subsequent applications of new floor finish.


BONNET CLEANING: Periodic cleaning of high traffic lanes with a chemically treated carpet bonnet to remove top layer soil and keep carpets looking clean.  

XTRACTION CLEANING: Heavy duty cleaning where the carpets are chemically pre-sprayed. Soils and pre-spray are removed through extraction with a carpet rinse. Other non-rinse methods leave a shampoo residue still in the carpet Plus periodic Bonnet cleaning to high traffic lanes making your carpets look like new.

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